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mapsWorking with maps

This article shows the key coding elements that are required to create various types of maps for your escape games. We will learn how to define a 3D VIEW, and then use it.

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path findingSimple path finding

Advanced path finding is beyond the scope of this tutorial; we don't need to use it for our simple escape games. So, hit "Read more" to see some simple obstacle avoidance code.

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timersUsing timers

When it comes to creating escape games, countdown timers are by far one of the most popular game design elements. Check out this article to see a simple timer example.

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locks and keysLocks and keys

How do you create a chest or a lock that can be opened with the proper key? If you find this question too difficult, you'll be glad to discover the answer in the article below.

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secret messagesUncovering secret messages

These days there are lots of popular encryption/decryption libraries all over the web. Still, if you want to build a simple one from scratch, this article will be of great help.

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game design tipsTop 10 game design tips

Play lots of games, start small, be creative, embrace your everyday life experiences like an authentic game designer, ask for feedback, join a team or create one, keep a journal...

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